Tuesday 20 March 2018

Grant set to wow Cork audience

John Grant is coming to Cork Opera House in March.
John Grant is coming to Cork Opera House in March.


HE wowed crowds at Electric Picnic, where he was joined on-stage by Sinead O'Connor for a memorable set, and now John Grant is coming to the Cork Opera House.

It's been an extraordinary journey for Grant, from a point where he thought he would never make music again, or escape a life of substance abuse, to winning awards and accolades, collaborating with O'Connor, Rumer and Hercules & Love Affair and having his second album 'Pale Green Ghosts' named by many as amongst the best albums of 2013.

His solo debut 'Queen Of Denmark' was equally well received.

"Like a couple of similarly intense classics before it - Antony & The Johnsons' 'I Am A Bird Now' and Bon Iver's 'For Emma ... ', 'Queen Of Denmark' sounds like a record its creator has been waiting his whole life to make," MOJO concluded.Another measure of achievement, and the journey, is that one classic that Grant first heard in new wave clubs he frequented years ago was Sinead O'Connor's 'Mandinka'. Two decades later, O'Connor has not only covered the title track of 'Queen Of Denmark' on her latest album, but supplies goose-bumping backing vocals on 'Pale Green Ghosts'.

O'Connor's presence is a surprise, but not compared to the album's portion of synthesisers and beats - unless you already know Grant's enduring love of vintage synth-pop and industrial dance, and more current electronic acts such as Trentemoller and Mock & Toof.

"Electronica is a huge part of my personality and my influences, though I don't think many people see that fitting in to the John Grant image, whatever that is," he says.

Grant has also never shied away from discussing depression, and Pale Green Ghosts is a show of strength and survival, of moving on with life, on what will continue to be an incredible journey.

"Moving to Reykjavik, at the age of 43, was incredibly risky and scary," says Grant. "but I've built up a life here, and recorded an album I'm really proud of, that distils what I'm about down to its most essential components, better than ever before.."

See John Grant take the bull by the horns on Thursday, March 6 at 8pm, tickets €26.