Friday 15 December 2017

Flying Scotsman with a love dilemma

THE Monica Loughman Ballet Company is set to bring one of the world's oldest surviving romantic ballets, La Sylphide, to the Cork Opera House next Sunday for two magical performances.

First performed in Paris in 1831, the story of La Sylphide begins on the morning of a Scottish farmer's wedding day, when James falls in love with a magical sylph (spirit). Suddenly the image of an old witch appears before James, predicting that he will betray his fiancé.

All seems fine as the wedding begins but as James begins to put the ring on his fiancée's finger, the beautiful sylph suddenly appears and snatches it away from him.

James abandons his own wedding, chasing the sylph into the woods, where he again sees the old witch.

She offers James a magical scarf telling him that it will bind the sylph's wings, enabling him to catch her. Completely captivated by the sylph, James wishes to catch her and keep her forever. James decides to take the magical scarf. He wraps it around the sylph's shoulders, but when he does, the Sylph's wings fall off and she dies.

In one of the most memorable scenes in classical ballet James is left all alone and forced to watch on while his fiancée marries his best friend.

Monica Loughman brings together two of Russia's finest principals, Denis Veginiy and Katherina Markowskaja from the Perm and Mariinsky, to perform the lead roles of James and the Sylph. Tickets for the shows, which will run at 2pm and 8pm, cost €31, €38 and €43 are can be purchased from the Opera House box office on 021 4270022 or at


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