Wednesday 17 January 2018

Film Quiz Puzzle

Smell the Glove? A.

Fear of a Black Hat, B. Blues Brothers 2000, C. This Is Spinal Tap, D. A Mighty Wind. The Last King of Scotland featured What was the profession of Cillian an Oscar-winning performance from Murphy's character Jim before he which actor? A. DenzelWashington, B. wakes The solutions to find London from 1 inhabited to 12 are by all six-letter Forest words Whitaker, C. James McAvoy, D. zombies which end in 28 with Days the Later? letter, A. T Window in the centre Sean of the Connery. clock. cleaner, Moving B. clockwise Accountant, from C. 1, Postman, the letters D. in the Which outer acclaimed circle 1955 crime comedy Courier. will spell out the name of a British singer/songwriter. featured performances from Peter Who played Dylan Sanders in the Sellers and Alec Guinness? A. The 2000 reboot of Charlie's Angels? A. Ladykillers, B. Big Deal on Madonna Lucy Lui, B. Cameron Diaz, C. Drew Street, C. The Man in the White Suit, D. Barrymore, D. Bill Murray. Kind Hearts and Coronets. Who directed Kiefer Sutherland in both Flatliners and Phone Booth? A. John Schlesinger, B. Joel Schumacher, C. George Sluizer, D. Geoff Murphy. Which comedy documentary follows a rock band whose latest LP is titled

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