Monday 17 June 2019

Dancing 'til dusk on the slopes of Mushera

John Tarrant

Patrons far and wide danced to a sinking sun on the slopes of Mushera Mountain to mark the St. John's celebration in mid summer.

Earlier, large numbers convened at the nearby St. John's Well for its annual outdoor Mass before progressing to sample a hooley at the Mushera Platform.

The dancing is maintaining a long held tradition, with young and old gathering to partake in anything from the slush, jives, waltzes, Siege of Venice to the Set. Music and songs from Jerome Coakley and Lee Valley Sound kept the party ongoing 'til late.

Spokesperson for the organisers Rita O'Sullivan related that the platform events have met with a positive response.

"Platform dancing at Mushera was revived in 2013 and recalls similar stagings from days of old. We availed of the fantastic weather and a wonderful celebration of St. John for the first dance of 2018", she said.

Dancing on the mountain has gathered a community together with friends far and wide warmly accepting the ceád mile fáilte welcome.

"Everybody enjoyed themselves and ongoing development at the location over recent years helped to accommodate extra cars in addition to errecting a marquee", said Rita.

Dancing continues at the Mushera Platform on this Sunday (July 8), with music and song by the Singing Jarvey from 3-5.30pm.