Thursday 14 November 2019

Book launch in class for Theresa

Theresa Galvin placing her book in our school library at St Mary's Macroom
Theresa Galvin placing her book in our school library at St Mary's Macroom

Theresa Galvin, a 16-year-old fourth year student at St Mary's Secondary School Macroom, recently published her book 'Lightning Nerve', a fictional novel of 173 pages.

The novel revolves around the main character, Zara Bolt, who lost both her parents, and sister. Zara attends the McGillyCuddy Academy for the Kings and Queens of Nature, however when a new teacher joins the school, Zara is forced to take a closer look at her family's unusual past. But she must not get distracted… and falling for the new boy is certainly a distraction.

Theresa's novel was published by Austin Macauley Publishers and is now available to purchase on Amazon, in Waterstones and in many local bookshops.

It's an amazing achievement and to mark the occasion Theresa's classmates decided to organise a surprise book launch party for her during English classes.

Students Ciara Bradley, Marian Creedon & Meghan Molyneux take the story from there:

'Our teacher, Ms de la Cour, created a list of all the necessary tasks which we would have to complete in order for the party to be a success. We all volunteered for different jobs which we believed were best suited to us. These various jobs included refreshments, photography and music for the party.

'For refreshments, we arranged that some of us would bring in sweets and popcorn while more of us would focus on fizzy drinks. A cake was also made to mark the special occasion, which was decorated with bolts of lightning to match the theme of Theresa's book. Some of Theresa's closest friends created a personalised playlist for Theresa, composed of all her favourite songs, which were played during the party.

'Our preparations also included spending time making posters which were on theme with Theresa's book, as well as an 'Instagram post border' for Polaroid pictures taken on the day!

'Theresa was both surprised and thrilled when she came into the library and saw the class effort to celebrate her success with 'Lightning Nerve'. She made a short speech in which she explained that writing is her passion and a way to escape. She said: "I hope the rest of you will find your own passion in life as I have found with writing".

'Vice Principal, Ms Collins, acknowledged Theresa's success on behalf of the fourth year group. The surprise celebration followed Theresa's official book launch in The Auld Triangle in Macroom. As the entire fourth year group was unable to attend the book launch in August, the English Department felt it was necessary to organise this event to show Theresa the huge support she has from her peers in St Mary's.'