Friday 19 January 2018

Artistic pearls on show at Town Hall Gallery exhibition

THE 'World View Of An Oyster' is the title of an exhibition set to run at the Town Hall Gallery in Macroom from July 5-27.

Running from Tuesday to Saturday each week, 10.30am – 5.30pm, the exhibition will show works by artists Helen Horgan, Maximilian LeCain, Sarah Iremonger and Mick O'Shea.

"In this thought provoking exhibition Sarah with fellow artists Maximilian Le Cain, Helen Horgan and Mick O'Shea set out to create, interrogate and even subvert a set of 'artificial' worlds, which ultimately ask the viewer to consider wider ideas of order and meaning in our own worlds," said Cork County Arts Officer Ian McDonagh.

"This work is challenging, quirky and original but, like the aforementioned mollusc, once you have worked past the outer shell you may, indeed, find some pearls for reflection and enjoyment."


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