Thursday 22 March 2018

Allie publishes her debut novel 'Bountiful'

Author Allie Murray
Author Allie Murray


THE idea of writing a novel is something that most of us have toyed with at some time in our lives.

However, not everyone gets the opportunity to put their thoughts and ideas down on paper and as the late novelist Christopher Hitchens once famously pointed out - not everyone should.

"Everybody does have a book in them, but in most cases that's where they should stay," he once said.

One woman who does not fall into that category is Rathcormac writer Allie Murray who has recently published her debut novel 'Bountiful'.

The modern electronic age has created a global village that many, including Allie, believe has left small communities struggling to find their identities.

With this in mind Allie created the fictional village of Padbury and a miscellany of characters that encapsulate the triumphs, trials and tribulations of life in a small rural community.

Thoughtful and insightful, the book tackles issues that anyone who grew up in a village would be familiar with.

Death and loss, love and betrayal, secrets and revelations, generosity and greed all play out in the book through the life of its central character, Beryl Foley, whose life is about to undergo some important changes.

Her husband, Tommy, is engaged in a long-running feud with Beet Nyhan, who has other problems, not least the mysterious disappearance of his father 40-years earlier which left an open sore in his and his brother Doug's lives.

Other friends have their own problems and as tensions escalate a surprising serious of gestures from unexpected sources wryly examine the effects and consequences of conflict and resolution on the tightly-knit community.

Originally from Waterford, Allie lives in Rathcormac with her husband Kevin and four young children.

Prior to recently returning to the office work, Allie worked from home for 10-years, penning features for various different magazines and newspapers.

She said her membership of a local book club gave her the inspiration to pen her own novel.

"My involvement with the Rathcormac Book Club became a wonderful way for to reflect on the books I like to read and expand my own literary ideas," said Allie.

This led to her devoting more time to her own creative writing, rather than focussing solely on commission pieces.

"I enjoy general fiction with a touch of humour set in small communities that feature characters with strong personalities," said Allie.

"Creating Padbury gave me the chance to create original characters and develop a book with characters that people living in rural villages across the length and breadth of Ireland would recognise and identify with," she added.

'Bountiful' is available in local bookshops priced at €8.99, through Amazon and on Kindle.