Saturday 26 May 2018

All things musical to the fore this fortnight

'crazy for you' opens sunday

Fermoy town is simply music mad all this week and next

The Musical Society is making all the usual last minute arrangements for the opening night of their show the musical/comedy Ira and George Gershwin's "Crazy for You" which opens at the Community Youth Centre on this Sunday night at 7.30pm.

At the moment the town is dotted with the advance publication notices for the show while on the other hand we have all the glamorous posters encouraging all to vote for local girl Kelly Mongan in the Sunday night TV show "Voice of Ireland" so for the moment at any rate it is music all the way in Fermoy.

First things first we have the Annual Choral week in Fermoy coming up and starting on this Sunday night in the Community Youth Centre at 7.30pm. The "Choral" as it was always called in the past, was always a landmark week in the social year in Fermoy.

Founded way back in 1924 it has continued almost without a break each year since. This is a remarkable achievement for a rural town like Fermoy. Thanks must go those who gave so much of their time and energies over the years to keeping the show on the road when times were tough for all.

One name keeps popping up in this regard and that is the late Mr Edmund Carroll, Solr, who gave so many years of his long life to ensuring that Fermoy got a show to be proud of every year. The present Committee are equally dedicated to ensuring the same quality is continued now and in the years to come.

Amongst many of the more well-known names which featured in previous shows was the famous Irish tenor Frank Ryan of Tallow, who was a man with strong Fermoy connections. He was fondly remembered as Ireland's second Count John McCormack, there have been many others also who have featured over the years, but of course these could not have performed without the faithful local members who year after year make up the supporting cast in so many ways.

Also the musicians and stage hands etc who have all been such an integral part of the "Choral" each year, thankfully the same applies again this year.

This year the show promises to be again a very lively and funny musical with lots of songs and dancing all through. Putting on a show such as this is always a very costly affair and the Fermoy Society must be complimented for taking on such a mammoth task each year.

On these grounds the Society which is wholly reliant on ticket sales in order to at least try to break even at the end of the day, is confident that the locals and indeed many from the surrounding areas will again support them during this week and they promise that you will not be disappointed.

Tickets are on sale at the Fermoy Youth Centre all day this week and next, there is a special concession for all on opening night Sun 21st when you can purchase your ticket for €12, on each subsequent night they will cost €15 each. Contact 025/32042 or Claire on 087/1172095.