Saturday 7 December 2019

Community plan 2019-2023 launched

Mike McGrath

The Charleville Community Plan 2019-2023 was officially launched by Ballyhoura Development Ltd at Knocklong, Co. Limerick community centre last Saturday morning.

The plan which was formulated at meetings convened by Charleville Heritage Society in association with Ballyhoura Development, was facilitated by Paul O'Raw and Associates, and involved representatives of various local groups.

The plan covered topics such as traffic and transport, mobility and access, amenities and facilities, industrial, retail, commercial and tourism, social inclusion, communications and co-ordination, issues concerning youth, such as facilities, mental health and activities for both young and old and education facilities. Key groups to implement and oversee the success of the plan were also put in place.

The sub-committees to implement the plan were represented at the launch on Saturday morning led by Cllr. Ian Doyle, Charleville, along with local Ballyhoura Development officer Nicola Grufferty.