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IFA’s concern at tax and welfare report


Tim Cullinan

Tim Cullinan

Tim Cullinan


IFA President Tim Cullinan has warned that proposals within the Commission on Taxation and Welfare (COTW) report disproportionately target farmers.

Mr Cullinan has said that the proposals within the report can never be factors in this or any other budget.

“We fully understand the wider economic and demographic challenges facing the State,” he said.

“However, this report will only serve to cause uncertainty for farm families. It’s very hard to plan farm succession or future investment with the level of uncertainty this report will cause.

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“Many farms are already at breaking point. To give you some perspective, almost 60 per cent of farms earned less than €20,000 in 2021.”

The IFA analyse the document in full, but from a first look there are some very damaging and urban-centric proposals, the organisation feels.

“Increasing taxes on agri diesel, reducing inheritance tax reliefs or increasing PRSI payments for farmers would be a further targeting of the agri sector,” Mr Cullinan said.

“It would also be counter-productive economically as it will slow down both land transfer and on-farm investment...We are also very concerned at the possibility of including agricultural land in any Site Valuation Tax.

“We have continually expressed our frustration that the Government did not include a representative from the farming sector on the Commission,” he added. “We raised our concerns about some of the leaks at our recent meeting with Ministers Donohoe and McGrath. Minister Paschal Donohoe has committed to meet with IFA on the report.”