Potential site for new Charleville fire station identified

Cllr Ian Doyle said the existing fire station is ‘no longer fit for purpose’

Charleville fire station.

Bill BrowneCorkman

A senior Cork County Council official has said the authority will look into a proposal to build a new fire station in Charleville across the road from the existing one on the Killmallock Road.

The need for a new fire station in the town has been raised by Cllr Ian Doyle (FF), who said that the current building was no longer fit for purpose.

“I have been bringing this up for a long time and while I realise there are other fire stations in the county due to be upgraded before Charleville, the current facility is in a very poor state of repair,” said Cllr Doyle.

“The lack of operational space in the building is ridiculous. These is only room for one fire tender in the building and when that backs into the station the fire-fighters do not have enough space to work on either side of it. It also means the other tender has to be parked outside of the station,” he added.

Referring to previous debates in council meetings on the issue, Cllr Doyle said there had been talk about the authority looking around Charleville for a suitable site for a new fire station.

“It has come to my attention that a site across the road from the existing station could be available due to a change in business there,” said Cllr Doyle.

“I wonder if this could be looked in to by the council,” he added.

The head of the council’s environmental services directorate, Louis Duffy, said that while the lack of space in the current fire station was something the authority was keen to address, priority has been given to upgrading two other stations, including the one in Mitchelstown.

“I will get details of the site you mention from you and see if that does present an opportunity for us,” said Mr Duffy.

However, he warned that this process could take some time.

“The senior fire officer and his staff have prioritised the stations that need upgrading and the order in which they will be done,” said Mr Duffy.

“Charleville’s time will come, but its not there just yet,” he added.