Magic tricks with Michael Jackson and his kids


THE KING of pop found a haven in Castletownroche when he stayed for almost two weeks at Blackwater Castle where a Cork magician and mind-reader entertained Michael Jackson and his three children.

Glanmire magician Liam Sheehan said Jackson's children had a 'great relationship' with their father. "My impression of Michael, in spite of what has been said is that he was an ordinary, loving family man," said Mr Sheehan. The only guests in the castle for the ten days in the summer of 2007 included Michael, his three children and their nanny, a songwriter and Liam Sheehan. The children, Prince Michael, Paris and Prince Michael the second, wandered freely in the grounds of Castletownroche castle without the usual masks that the media would have seen the children wearing. The three children attended school every day from 10am until 4pm and after dinner the children were entertained by Mr Sheehan's magical tricks. The magician recalled that the children clearly loved their father. "They were very proud of their father. The first time I met Paris, she was wearing a tshirt that said, 'I love my Daddy Michael', said Mr Sheehan. Describing Michael as 'very friendly and polite'-he added that he was a quiet man who read and played music during the day. Mr Sheehan recalled how the children were particularly taken by his card tricks and his ability to make a fish suddenly appear in a bowl of water. "They were very clever children. The children were outgoing, full of fun. Paris was the more talkative, I heard her chirping around the house. I have cards that the children signed for me," said Mr Sheehan. On the final day, the ' king of pop' got his children to walk out to the car and thank Mr Sheehan for all his magic tricks.