Information evening set to raise awareness of ADHD and provide parents with vital supports

ADHD Ireland says the condition affects around 5% of children and can often go undiagnosed and unsupported .

Bill BrowneCorkman

TO coincide with the opening of their Cork branch, ADHD Ireland will host a free information session for parents on Tuesday, June 14 at the Clayton Hotel in Cork City.

Entitled ‘From Super Struggle to Superpower’ the evening is aimed at raising public awareness of the condition and provide parents of children with ADHD with information and support.

Described as a neurodevelopmental condition in which the brain’s neurotransmitter chemicals, noradrenalin and dopamine do not work properly, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affects roughly 5% of children, who typically struggle with organisation, staying focused and impulse control.

ADHD Ireland Cork service development manager, Martin Finn, said that as a result a child with the condition can often feel frustrated, overwhelmed and anxious.

Mr Finn said that girls in particular can become adept at masking their daily struggles, which can often result in ADHD being undiagnosed and unsupported.

“A lack of meaningful understanding and support can create a sense that the child is living in a world that is moving at an impossible speed and leaving them behind. There is also a huge impact on parents and guardians who may themselves feel helpless and overwhelmed in their efforts to support their child,” said Mr Finn.

“The good news is that the right supports can make an enormous difference to a child and their family. With proper diagnosis and support the child can reach their full potential, while building their confidence and self-esteem,” said Mr Finn.

“Children can even learn to appreciate the many positive traits associated with ADHD such as enhanced curiosity, innovative thought and creativity. In fact, they may come to see their ADHD as their superpower,” he added.

The CEO of ADHD Ireland, Ken Kilbride will the team that will use the information evening as a platform to talk about pathways to diagnosis and strategies for supporting and child and their family.

The event is timed to coincide with the opening of the organisation’s new Cork Branch.

In April of last year ADHD Cork closed its office at the Bessborough Centre, due to what they said at the time was “a number of circumstances beyond our control, along with a lack of volunteers to sit on the management committee.”

Mr Finn saying he is looking forward to increasing ADHD supports in the Cork region through the new branch, which the organisations aid would be a friendly space for individuals, families, and educators to seek advice and help, and participate in a variety of groups, events and training.

“ADHD is a much misunderstood condition and accessing accurate information is the key to unlocking the right supports for parent and child. We hope this information evening will be an important step towards empowering children with ADHD,” said Mr Finn.

While the evening is free people are asked to pre-register by following the link at

Further information about this other events being held by ADHD Ireland is also available at the website or by contacting Martin Finn by email at