ICMSA Cork North and East meeting set for Mallow on Monday

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Tadhg EvansCorkman

ICMSA Cork North and East will hold a meeting at 8.30pm on Monday, relating to farming in 2023 under ‘Nitrates, Cow Banding, and Markets’.

The event will be held at Mallow GAA complex, and Head of Teagasc Animal and Grassland Research Laurence Shalloo will be among the speakers.

Paul Smith, Executive Secretary to the ICMSA’s Dairy Committee, will also contribute.

“We have to meet and get that exchange of know-how and information going,” said Mitchelstown man Maurice Walsh, who is chairperson of the branch.

“Cork is the absolute heart of Ireland’s multi-billion Euro dairy sector and we are determined to help, guide and advise our members and local farmers as they transition through to what will be a very different context.

“Cork ICMSA is committed to making that happen in a way that preserves our area’s special farming, commercial and social strengths.”

Any enquiries before the event should be directed to Myles Kearney at (087) 161 8213.