Saturday 24 August 2019

Vandalism continues at two local playgrounds

Repairs are under way after an onslaught of deliberate damage and vandalism at playgrounds in Greystones and Kilcoole.

The south beach playground in Greystones was a joint initiative between the local community and Wicklow County Council. The facility opened in 2018 at a cost of €300,000.

Damage has been done to the rope bridge, sandpit digger, wooden playhouse and musical equipment.

Little Tern Playground in Kilcoole, another joint initiative, cost €200,000 and opened in 2017. Vandalism to date includes damage to the basket swing, truck rocker, playhouse, swings, railings and bin. 'Unfortunately, there are those in our community who do not appreciate the hard work and dedication of the many people who fund-raised and worked with the council to achieve these wonderful local amenities,' said the council in a statement.

'All of the above equipment has been damaged due to vandalism, in some cases tools have been brought into the playgrounds to dismantle and remove fittings, pieces of equipment have been burned also.'

There has been ongoing anti-social behaviour in both playgrounds with debris left discarded overnight. Following consultation earlier this year with the Gardaí and community a decision was made to lock the Little Tern Playground at night.

The council is carrying out repairs and replacing broken equipment as soon as possible. Some parts have to be imported and take longer to replace.

The playgrounds are inspected regularly and the council encourages passive surveillance by the community. They ask that anyone who sees anything suspicious in the areas contact gardai straight away.

Plans to improve the Little Tern Playground are almost finalised and expected to start in the coming weeks.

Greystones garda station can be contacted on 01 6665800.

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