Monday 21 October 2019

Two areas omitted from Tidy Towns

Mary Fogarty

Tidy Towns groups in Bray and Greystones discovered this week that their applications never made it to the adjudicators before judging took place this year.

As results were announced, Bray and Greystones were not in the booklet published by TidyTowns, nor were their reports published along with other towns. With all other results for the nation announced on Monday, when the omissions were discovered. organisers will now send out adjudicators to the towns, albeit months later than other groups.

Both groups had made their applications, based on the body of work they carried out throughout the year.

'It's extremely disappointing because of hard work went in from all of the committee members and all the volunteers over the past year,' said Cathaoirleach of Bray Municipal District Steven Matthews, who is also a member of Bray Tidy Towns. 'I read the submission when it was compiled and there was an outstanding amount of work done. I was hugely surprised not to see any mention of Bray, and I did consider that something may have gone wrong.'

A spokesman for the Department of Rural and Community Development said that both Bray and Greystones groups confirmed that their submissions were made electronically prior to the submission deadline.

'However, the Department did not receive the electronic submissions in either case,' he said. 'We believe this is due to the large file size (20MB) of the attachments in each of these emails.

'All applicants are made aware that acknowledgements of their submissions will be communicated within 10 days of their submissions and both groups have confirmed that they did not receive acknowledgement of their submissions,' said the spokesman.

As both TidyTowns groups submitted their applications prior to the advertised deadline, the Department will now arrange for TidyTowns adjudicators to visit both towns.

Following these visits, an adjudication report will be prepared and issued to each committee and placed on the TidyTowns website. Any prizes arising from these reports will be honoured and presented during the upcoming regional awards. This decision has been communicated to both TidyTowns groups.

A similar occurrence affected the entry of Glenroe Tidy Towns in County Limerick. 'We are currently investigating this issue, but envisage a similar approach will be taken to that of Bray and Greystones,' said the spokesman.

Mary Hargaden, secretary of Bray Tidy Towns, thanked all of the volunteers, contributors and supporters who have helped throughout the past years.

Both committees are looking forward to receiving adjudication in the near future.

Bray People