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Teenager brought to hospital after rescue at seafront

A 16-year-old girl required medical attention on the shoreline at Bray seafront on the evening of Tuesday. May 19.

Paramedics, members of Greystones Coast Guard, and gardai all attended the scene at around 6 p.m.

This was at the northern end of Bray seafront.

When members of the coast guard arrived, the girl was not in the water and there was nobody present who told them that they had pulled her out.

She was on the shoreline in a semi-conscious state and was intoxicated.

Two doctors were with her within minutes of the emergency call being made.

One was the Wicklow Rapid Response doctor, and another was a Greystones Coast Guard member who lives in Bray.

The paramedics were not immediately able to get ambulance access to the area, due to bollards installed on the prom. They drove to the southern end and back up the promenade.

However, while waiting, the teenager was in the care of the doctors until she could be taken to the ambulance.

The ambulance was driven to the southern end and back up the promenade.

Treatment of the casualty was not delayed.

Members of the Coast Guard and gardai cleared people away from the area.

Quite a number of people had stopped to observe what was happening.

The girl was taken to hospital and has been recovering.

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