Sunday 19 November 2017

Stand-off rumbles on at Bray Wanderers


Despite their clash with Cork City being just four days away, the stand-off between Bray Wanderers and their players rumbles on.

There did appear to be respite on Thursday afternoon when the club issued a statement declaring that "funding has been organised to fulfil the remainder of this season and into 2018."

It continued: "Bray Wanderers FC is back in business and look forward to our next home match."

But the feel-good factor lasted mere hours as that same evening, the players released their own statement asking for further clarity on the source of the new-found funds and a concrete guarantee that the monies would not run dry again.

In the players' statement, they allege that club chairman Denis O'Connor, at a meeting on Tuesday last, "agreed to allow our union, PFA Ireland, assess any potential new investment and confirmed that any such investment would be bonded and secured."

With none of the alleged promises above being fulfilled, it left the players clouded with doubt.

"In view of the events in the last six days in which completely contradictory and confusing statements have been made by the club, we do not feel confident about our future at the club".

The players felt that they were not offered "enough to guarantee" commitment.

They set a deadline of close of business by Monday, July 10th, to be provided with the appropriate information or, failing that, the players would "examine all options available" ahead of Sunday's fixture against Cork at the Carlisle Grounds.

In response, a crestfallen O'Connor resignedly offered: "I'm very disappointed…the matters raised are a licensing issue and should be dealt with by the FAI."

On Monday evening, both parties remained mute as no sign of a resolution was forthcoming. The players did however train as scheduled.

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