Friday 24 November 2017

Tough defeat for Bray firsts to take

BRAY LADIES firsts started the season in Leinster Division 2 away against Three Rock Ladies.

Bray started very well with their defense clearing the ball quickly and accurately. They gained confidence and challenged Three Rock well. Right back Sinead O'Toole gave a great performance and assisted the midfield in getting the ball to the skillful forward line of Jessica Carey and Serena Rush. There was no score at half time and both teams wanted more from the next 35 minutes.

Unfortunately for Bray, Three Rock came out fast and managed to get in around the defense soon after the whistle blew. Bray didn't let the heads drop and made clever use of their strong squad with Ali Brooks moving in to sweeper to give an excellent performance. A ball from the back quickly made its way to midfielder Sinead Duffy who found herself one on one with the Three Rock keeper. Sinead made no mistake and crashed the ball in to the back of the net. At 1-1 the tempo of the game rose but Bray conceded a couple of penalty corners. It was with one of these set pieces that Three Rock claimed the win.

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