Saturday 15 December 2018

Dara's tears of joy for his fellow Bray superstar

BRAY NATIVE Dara O Briain was seen wiping a tear from his eye as his countrywoman stole glory from Russian Sofya Ochigava last Thursday in London.

'It's great to see Bray on the map under such happy circumstances,' said Dara, who said that the ExCel stadium in London was ' ludicrously noisy.'

Sitting down the way a little from Princess Anne, Dara said that the Princess Royal 'was there with her fingers in her ears from the noise.'

In something of a mathematical mystery, the venue was 80 per cent Irish on the night, with a boisterous and cheerful crowd.

However Dara noted that said Irish crowd generously cheered on British fighter Nicola Adams earlier that day. ' The place erupted for her, the Irish crowd roared for her to the end,' said Dara.

He sat beside Ed Byrne for the fight, and the two of them were given microphones by the BBC with the understanding that the two of them would provide some sort of intelligible commentary. ' We just produced guttural roars for the entire thing!' he admitted. 'It was insensible what we were saying, it was just noises!' O Briain tipped Taylor to take victory in the hours prior to the fight. 'She's going to do it,' he said. 'She's the best pound-for-pound women's fighter in the world - there's no doubt. Ireland has been going bananas for her - she's the biggest face in the