Monday 18 December 2017

Anger over selection process for football boss


In the wake of Johnny Magee's departure as Wicklow manager there has been disapproval in how the process to find that new manager is taking place among some club delegate members of the county board.

At a recent county board meeting a management committee was put in place to select a six-member selection committee, whose job is to find possible candidates for the vacant Wicklow manager position.

In some quarters delegates felt that it is wrong that they were left out of the process of selecting the committee.

One delegate, who wishes to remain unnamed said, "I had no problem with the people selected but was annoyed over the process. It's wrong that the management committee ratified the selection committee without asking the club delegates for their input."

Another delegate who also wished to not be named had a go at county chairman Martin Coleman saying, "The County Chairman says we (the club delegates) "are the county board" yet we don't have a say in the process?"

A third delegate who also didn't want to be named said that, "The process doesn't seem to be transparent and is being semi imposed on everyone".

Martin Coleman hit back and said that the process to select the committee was indeed a fair and transparent one.

"The county board discussed the issue at the last county board meeting and gave the management committee the authority to find a selection committee. They have done an admirable job and picked six good candidates so I don't know why anyone is getting annoyed.

"The job of the selection committee will be to put forward candidates for the Wicklow manager position and all delegates will have a say in approving or disapproving each candidate so will be heavily involved in the process and have a final say.

"I don't know where the reason for this annoyance has come from and no delegate has approached me with an issue so it's news to me."

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