Monday 21 October 2019

Safety works at 21 Bends begin

Work has begun on the stretch of the R117 Bray/Enniskerry road known as '21 bends' to secure the area.

The estimated duration of the project is around five weeks, according to Bray Municipal District.

The works area is over a length of around 400 metres.

There will be a one-way traffic shuttle operation over the length of the works, with some delays expected.

An alternative route for traffic travelling between the N11 and Enniskerry will be available via the Cookstown Road.

Works also continue on the approach to Enniskerry on Old Connaught Road, where Irish Water are upgrading the network.

'The stretch of road know as the 21 Bends is a very dangerous stretch of road with many crashes, in 2004 two people tragically lost their lives in an accident on it,' said Deputy John Brady, welcoming the works.

'When completed the work will ensure that it's a much safer stretch of road for motorists and pedestrians.'

While works were carried out in recent years to secure much of the area, the final 400 metres was not included at that time.

Residents have expressed concerns many times as the crash barrier has been damaged by regular collisions adjacent to a steep drop to the Glencullen River.

The camber of the road will be changed making it safer to drive along, higher kerbs with a new footpath will also be constructed and new higher safety barriers will be installed.

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