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'éire Nua' deserves airing

Dear Editor,

On February the 8th last a pipe bomb was detonated at the grounds of Cloney Gaels GAA club, the day before Antrim were to face Wicklow at the same venue in the National Football League Division 4.

This incident is a stark reminder of the reality at hand, and increasing tensions in the six north-eastern counties on this island. The 'agreement' reached in 1998, (termed the Good Friday Agreement) was sold to people as being a settlement and would bring about an end to a conflict which has blighted the land for in excess of 800 years. However this has simply not been the case, and the analogy at the time by Republican Sinn Féin that the 'agreement' would be a failure and a settlement would never be reached within the determined parameters has proven true.

The Éire Nua proposal runs in total contrast to the artificial segregation of both communities we currently see under the Stormont regime. Éire Nua also offers a nine-county Ulster and a working majority to the unionist community. Coupled with this, our policy document, Towards A Peaceful Ireland, advocates an all-Ireland constituent assembly which would offer the people of Ulster real self-governance.

The lessons of history teach us that incidents like what happened in Cloney Gaels GAA club will continue as long as the current conditions stay in place. A real alternative is offered, we implore people to pause for a moment and educate themselves to this reality.

Ruairí Ó Brádaigh/ Maolmhuire Ó Raghallaigh Cumann,

Republican Sinn Féin

Bray People