Wednesday 24 January 2018

Disgrace as thief pockets insurance


THE DEVASTATING situation Louth developer Martin Mccaughey found himself in as a result of injuries he caused to an intruder at his home is simply the stuff of nightmares.

Here was a man who acted in a moment of terror and panic to protect his family when he gave chase to burglar Daniel Mccormack who Mccaughey and his wife awoke to see standing at the foot of their bed, screwdriver in hand.

It is nothing short of absurd that the victim in all of this was the one to appear before a jury and face charges when the entire incident stemmed from the fact that Mccormack committed a crime by breaking into a private house while the innocent family slept.

Developer Mccaughey did what most of us, brave enough would do. He raced after the intruder. In his haste he hopped into his car and drove at Mccormack, not with a view to injuring him but to contain him. The nightmare really started then when the Mccormack received the princely sum of €175,000 following a successful insurance claim and criminal charges were brought against Mccaughey.

The fact that anyone sick enough to break in and wander through the home of another in the dead of night and to terrify a family in such a manner would walk away quids in is an insult to hard working and law abiding citizens.

It seems to me that if you are willing to carry out such an act you should be willing to accept the consequences.

Is the presence of a stranger in your bedroom not provocation enough to use whatever force necessary to handle the matter?

All over this country week after week people are living in fear of becoming such a victim as the number of burglaries continues to soar.

It is of comfort that the law has now changed in relation to defending ourselves at home but it is galling to say the least that in this instance the person in the wrong has come out of the whole thing much better off.

The victim is the one left with hefty legal bills while the criminal has his bills paid by the state.

Nobody is patting Mccaughey on the back for driving his car at another man, and I'm sure it's not something he ever set out to do.

All he wanted to do was to stand up to the violation inflicted on him and his family and this is completely understandable.

The worry and anxiety the Mccaughey family have experienced in recent years must have been torturous, and all because of the initial actions of a criminal who targeted their home.

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