Saturday 18 August 2018

Work under way on La Touche project

Cllr Derek Mitchell.
Cllr Derek Mitchell.
Construction workers at the old La Touche Hotel.

Esther Hayden

Work has started on the new housing development on the site of the La Touche Hotel.

Last week, the developer moved in on the site and started work on the 22 new houses and five tall terraced houses.

Cllr Derek Mitchell welcomed the work saying: 'The site has been derelict and an eyesore for 15 years so it is good to see progress. It will be disruptive for those living and working next to it but it does need doing.'

The new houses will be timber frame and be made mostly off site and craned into place. This is quicker and less disruptive than traditional construction. Overall it is expected to take 18 months to complete.

'The first four months will be spent knocking down the modern structures and putting in foundations. This will be the most disruptive part, though there will be independent vibration monitoring at three locations. Most trucks will use the sea side entrance as the land side road is narrow,' said Cllr Mitchell.

'The developer met the people immediately adjoining the site, who will be most affected by the work, and outlined the plans. I asked that the images of the completed scheme would be put on the hoardings so that people could envisage the final scheme on this very prominent site.'

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