Thursday 13 December 2018

Work begins on new playground at south beach

The plan for the improved playground at south beach in Greystones.
The plan for the improved playground at south beach in Greystones.

Work began on Monday to build a new playground at the south beach in Greystones.

The playground has been closed and will remain so until the project is complete in mid-june.

The facility is being constructed following a very successful fundraising campaign by the playground committee.

All Play Ireland are doing the build, which aims to bring magic and fun to children of all ages and abilities.

The new, improved playground will include a toddler play area with swings, spinners and balance equipment; a ball court with a basketball hoop and football goal; a sandpit with wheelchair access, pulleys and buckets, and a musical play area.

The plans follow more than two years of fundraising, research and consultations.

A number of features will be accessible for wheelchairs, starting with a sandpit. There will be a 'sand factory', which a wheelchair will be able to travel the length of as well as an accessible digger. The musical area will have fully tuned instruments on an even tarmac surface.

The see saw will have a netted surface which a child can sit or lie on and the roundabout beside this will also be wheelchair accessible. The suspension bridge will be the correct width for a wheelchair and will have an extra wide slide so a child and an adult can use it together.

The wheelchair swing is not visible on the plans at the moment, but the committee is working towards getting one next to the existing swings.

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