Tuesday 21 November 2017

'Woman pope' book a big hit on Amazon

A NOVEL about an Irish-American woman who becomes Head of the Roman Catholic Church is making waves on Amazon and Kindle.

'Brigid 1 - America's woman pope' by Bray journalist Frank Corr has already sparked heated debate among Catholic groups in the USA on the issues of feminist theology and the role of women in the Church.

The novel tells the story of Brigid Brady and her priest lover Joe di Lucia who secretly marry in Glendalough.

Author Frank Corr remembers the Second Vatican Council which opened 50 years ago this month.

Frank Corr has worked as a journalist for the past 50 years and has written a number of books including a history of the Irish hotel industry, the story of County Wicklow Lawn Tennis Club and the biography of Sonny Knowles. 'Brigid 1- America's Women Pope' is his first novel and is available exclusively on Amazon and Kindle.

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