Monday 11 December 2017

Witty Ali a winner with 'Great Bake Off' viewers

BRAY'S Ali Mitter might have lost out on the top spot after a tense Great Irish Bake Off final but she captured the hearts of the nation with her witty one-liners and her ability to learn from the judges criticism.

During Wednesday night's semi-final, Ali shone with her take on a summer dessert making delicious macaroons.

Determined to impress judges Paul Kelly and Biddy White Lennon, Ali's bake was all about precision and attention to detail while making a mouthwatering trio of desserts consisting of Oversized Macaroons with Lemon Curd, Raspberry and Mint Sorbet, and White Chocolate Ganache.

In the technical challenge the five semi finalists took on the notoriously difficult French classic Strawberry Charlotte. The bakers found it extremely challenging, leaving Paul less than impressed. 'The technical challenge for me was a bit of a car crash. I was extremely disappointed with what was put up. Realistically there was only one that was anyway close and that was pretty far away from what I was looking for as well so yeah, tough.'

Ali won star baker for her consistent improvement, the first time she achieved the honour, leaving her glowing going into the final.

Ali, Tracy and Shane battled it out for the top spot on Thursday night with a massive technical challenge of a Tower of Rainbow Macaroons following by a five hour signature bake of Afternoon Tea. In the signature bake the three finalists had to bake eleven elements including sandwiches, scones, pastries and cakes.

Despite her fabulous macaroons in the semi-final, Ali wasn't feeling too confident when faced with the Tower of Rainbow Macaroons.

'I know as well how wrong it can go with macaroons. They're a little bit 'moody cookies'. You need to look after them because they can be tricky like this is not my recipe I work with. I do them a little bit differently.'

The difference in the recipe proved a difficulty and Ali's macaroons were not as brightly coloured as the judges wanted, although they praised the flavor.

During the difficult Afternoon Tea signature bake Ali ran into trouble when her bakes were more than the required mouthful with Biddy White Lennon criticising the size of her sandwiches.

In the end it was Tracy Coyne who was crowned star baker but, after showing such improvement over the series, Ali is sure to become a fixture on the baking scene.

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