Tuesday 17 September 2019

Winner used tip to buy quick pick

National Lottery representative Jim O’Connor sprays the champagne and celebrates with Ken O’Connor (centre), owner of the Spar Service Station in Enniskerry, and staff members.
National Lottery representative Jim O’Connor sprays the champagne and celebrates with Ken O’Connor (centre), owner of the Spar Service Station in Enniskerry, and staff members.

The winner of €11.2 million in the Lotto had gone into an Enniskerry shop to spend a €10 tip from a happy customer.

The National Lottery has confirmed that the winner is from County Wicklow. He stopped into the Spar at Texaco on Monastery Road to buy a chicken fillet roll with the tip, spending the change on a quick pick.

He and his family were in Lotto HQ on Monday to pick up their cheque for €11,225,280 - the highest Lotto jackpot prize in over two years.

The winners, who wish to keep their win private, don't plan to give up working.

One of the winning syndicate members explained how he only bought the lucky Quick Pick ticket because of a tip he received from a satisfied customer in work.

'I was at work that morning and a happy customer gave me a €10 tip so I decided to pop into the Spar garage to get myself a chicken fillet roll for my lunch and with the change, I got myself a Lotto Quick Pick - it was a simple act of kindness from a customer which led my family to a win of a lifetime. It's something I will always be grateful for,' he said.

Radak Gawor, manager of the shop that sold the winning ticket, said that speculation has been rife in the area since the news was announced. 'There are different rumours ever day, with different names - local people and people from Dublin,' he said. 'Probably we will never know, we will have to look out for a house renovation!'

He said that it's very exciting for whoever has won the prize. 'It's great for whoever it is,' he said. 'The week it was won was crazy, all the people were so curious,' said Radak.

Despite winning Lotto fortunes beyond their wildest dreams, the Wicklow family have promised to stay grounded and will stay in their current family home and continue to work as normal, 'We're just a normal family and while the win is life-changing, it really won't change us all that much,' said the man. 'We have no intention of giving up work just yet and we're currently making some plans to renovate the house. You always think that you're going to go mad and lose the run of yourself when you win the Lotto but at the top of our shopping list at the moment is a new dishwasher and a new oven!'

Despite winning ton Wednesday, August 21, it was another two days until the family checked their ticket.

'I was sitting in the car eating my lunch on the following Friday while I was reading the paper and I overheard a conversation on the radio about the Lotto win in Enniskerry. My heart absolutely jumped out of my chest because I knew that's where I bought my ticket. I pulled my ticket out of my wallet and checked the numbers on the paper. I was absolutely speechless. I just sat there in silence. It was such a magical feeling, knowing that you've just won a life-changing sum of money as easy as that,' he said.

'I think everybody dreams about winning the Lotto. There are always constant reminders everywhere which gives you that hope. Coincidentally, my local rugby club recently has National Lottery funding which was obviously great for the community and it gave me an extra reason to buy my ticket. No matter how much you dream about winning the Lotto, you're never quite prepared for it when it actually happens. We've been getting some sound financial and legal advice to ensure we are best prepared for the next couple of months.'

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