Wednesday 22 November 2017

Welshmen sail in on Becky IV

The Becky IV leaving Greystones early Sunday morning.
The Becky IV leaving Greystones early Sunday morning.

A group of Holyhead men came to Greystones at the weekend, some on the boat the 'Becky IV.'

The group of 28 came to celebrate the forthcoming wedding of one of their group as Holyhead and Greystones are twin towns.

'They are very loyal to our twinning process and always put in a good word about our Greystones facilities to other sailors in Wales,' said Cllr. Gerry Walsh, who met the visitors. 'These visits shows that twinning with Holyhead brings positive opportunities for both our towns and I look forward to further visits and exchanges.

The contingent was led by Mark Williams and Dewi Thomas, who sailed over from Holyhead on their sailing boat, Becky IV.

This is the third visit to Greystones by the Becky IV. In July, 2013, it set a record by being the first boat to sail over from Holyhead to the new Greystones Harbour and Marina and Holyhead visitors are impressed with the facilities and the attractions of the town and they are spreading the word in Wales.

'As a member of Holyhead Sailing Club, I have sailed into many ports, but very few can match the superb conditions at Greystones,' said Dewi Thomas. 'The warm welcome we always receive and the ambience of the town, always make our time here memorable. I am looking forward to another visit in September.'

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