Sunday 18 March 2018

Welcome break after maths paper

Maths Paper Two put an end to three tough days of examinations for both Junior and Leaving Certificate students.

One educator to whom we spoke felt that having maths on Friday afternoon was not a great idea as it takes such a high level of concentration.

Kayleigh Maguire is doing her Junior Cert at St. David's in Greystones. 'Not everything I expected came up in geography,' she said, however she got through it and added a few other people said the same thing.

Her classmate Isobel Doyle said that her hand was sore after two hours of English, and that she gets very hungry at the end of exams!

On the maths on a Friday issue, she said that the same could be said for any subject.

Leaving Certificate student Peter Garvey said that geography was okay, however maths paper one was 'scary' and much harder than the mocks. His plans for the weekend would mainly be to study.

Louis Duffy Barratt said that Friday had gone pretty well for him, however having geography and maths on the same day was hard. He added that he had put in a lot of work for the exams which would be over for him on June 17 with Spanish.

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