Tuesday 20 March 2018

We are taking your home off you, councillor is told

Cllr John Brady
Cllr John Brady

Mary Fogarty

Cllr John Brady and his family have been given official notice to quit their local authority home in Bray's Kilbride estate.

The member of Bray Town Council and Wicklow County Council, who is married with five children, received a letter from the local authority last week.

The matter relates to an attic extension which the family did some years ago and which came to light during a routine inspection.

Sinn Féin's Cllr Brady said that he and his wife Gayle have been given until April 23 to leave their home of 13 years.

He explained that the Kilbride house attics were already converted, and he put in a stairs. He said this took place 10 years ago, before he was a councillor and as his family was growing. He added that he asked the council at the time to extend the property, but he was told there was no money to do so.

'This has caused enormous upset to our family. We don't want special treatment, but just to be treated fairly. We've been trying to deal with it but the goalposts keep changing – then out of the blue the letter comes,' said Cllr Brady.

'This is pure and utter vindictiveness,' he said. 'It's tough when you see drug dealing and antisocial behaviour going on in some houses and estates and the council turning a blind eye to it.'

Mrs Brady said: 'This isn't just a house – this is our home, a home we've worked hard to make nice for our family.'

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