Friday 24 May 2019

Warning is issued as youths are seen using fireworks

People urged not to light illegal bonfires

Firefighters put out flames at Deer Park
Firefighters put out flames at Deer Park

Mary fogarty

As Halloween approaches, there have been complaints about the use of fireworks and the lighting of fires in Bray.

Garden brush was set alight on Friday night near the Boghall Road and youths are believed to have been using fireworks in the playground in Ballywaltrim on Friday afternoon.

Bray Fire Service has tackled a series of outdoor fires at Deer Park and Oldcourt during the past week. The fire service has warned business owners that they are responsible for preventing the misuse of their materials. It has also warned anyone considering lighting a bonfires that they are illegal, unsafe and leave unsightly marks.

Fianna Fáil representative Chris Walsh has said that playgrounds need to be better policed, as there are also reports of broken glass and littering at Ballywaltrim.

'Reports have been made that teenagers are loitering and even setting off fireworks while children as young as four are playing,' said Mr Walsh. 'We need to ensure that our playgrounds are safe and clean places, where our children can play without risk of injury - we need to make sure there is proper litter collection and upkeep as broken glass is a constant problem in our playgrounds.'

Mr Walsh asked for parents to be vigilant when their children are out at night.

'Fireworks are extremely dangerous, not only to the person lighting them, but also to those in the surrounding area. We are coming into the Hallowe'en season now and this is going to be an ongoing issue over the next couple of weeks,' he said.

'I call on all parents to make sure their children are being responsible while out and about over the coming weeks. We hear reports every year of anti-social behaviour and injury caused by fireworks, they also scare animals and vulnerable elderly people.'

He said bonfires are a huge problem at this time of year.

'Not only are they dangerous to those in attendance, they are a strain on already stretched emergency services. They cost a lot of money to clean up and cause unnecessary damage to our housing estates,' said Mr Walsh.

'Instead of locals giving waste to teenagers to burn on bonfires, we should be using our local recycling centre and I encourage the council to collect waste if reported by locals before it is burnt on bonfires.'

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