Friday 20 April 2018

Verbal sparks start to fly between the two Johns

THE two Johns on Bray Municipal District came head to head a couple of times at last Tuesday's meeting.

In the blue corner was Cllr. John Ryan of Fine Gael, the only councillor in the district from a government party, while in the red corner was Cllr. John Brady, Bray's first Sinn Féin Cathaoirleach.

'I'm the only government representative in the whole area, I hope you won't pick on me for the next five years,' quipped Cllr. Ryan at one point, to which the Cathaoirleach told him: 'Fine Gael won't last that long.'

'You must have a crystal ball!' said Cllr. Ryan. 'You lads know something I don't know!'

Later, Cllr. Brady had occasion to tell his namesake that he had exceeded his three minutes talking time on a particular matter. This was something, given Cllr. Brady's infamous verbosity.

'Jesus, I'm absolutely shocked to be getting that from you Cllr. Brady!' said the chastened councillor.

Also during the meeting, Cllr. Brady was explaining that he will distribute his 'Cathaoirleach's Fund' after seeking expressions of interest at the end of his term.

'So, friends of John Brady?' said Cllr. Ryan.

'You're the Chair of Wicklow County Council next year so it's up to you to do what you want with that,' responded Cllr. Brady.

In response, Cllr. Ryan wondered if Cllr Brady will be supporting him in that role.

Bray People