Friday 17 November 2017

Vandals run amok in Park club house

Thugs cause considerable damage at People's Park

St Peters Clubhouse in the Peoples Park
St Peters Clubhouse in the Peoples Park

Mary Fogarty

Vandals broke in to the club house at the People's Park in Bray last weekend and 'ran amok' in the facility.

The changing rooms are used by a number of football clubs in Bray, catering for people of all ages from small children to over 35s.

The thugs kicked down the door and caused extensive damage inside the building on Friday night.

They broke in to lockers and presses and kicked balls and equipment around, ditching some of it in the nearby Dargle River.

Drinks cans and bottles were left behind, as well as a large amount of broken glass, and even a number of porn DVDs.

They took toilet paper from the toilets and threw it all over the park.

The building belongs to Bray Town Council who have been informed of the incident as have gardai.

Gardai arrived on the scene on Saturday morning when club personnel realised what had happened.

They carried out their forensic examination of the club house and are asking witnesses to come forward.

The club house has historically been plagued by vandals, with graffiti an ongoing problem at the site as well as fires being lit up against the exterior walls.


'This is for the kids,' said a club spokesman, who said the committee members and everyone linked to the playing fields and club house are 'gutted' by the actions of the gang. 'There's nothing in the club house of any value to them,' he added. 'Just some gear and footballs - but those things are hugely important to the players.'

Anyone with any information can contact Bray Garda Station on (01) 6665300.

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