Saturday 18 November 2017

Uncertain future for Wanderers

Denis O'Connor
Denis O'Connor

Mary Fogarty

The future of Bray Wanderers remains uncertain. Its chairman is seeking investors to save the club on the eve of a possible qualification for the Europa League.

After 32 years in the league of Ireland, club Chairman Denis O'Connor has said that Bray Wanderers players can no longer be promised wages.

He told players on Sunday that he 'can't stop' them from talking to other clubs as it's a transfer window.

Player Hugh Douglas is pleading with the public to attend the Seagulls' next match.

Denis O'Connor has said that he believes the club can be saved and has had a meeting with a potential investor.

On Friday night, at half time while Bray faced Dundalk, Mr O'Connor released a statement which discussed poor attendances and financial issues at Carlisle Grounds.

It was also announced that one of the directors, Gerry Mulvey, would no longer fund the club.

'The guy that was supporting the club's finances had indicated that he wouldn't go on past the first of July for reasons to do with himself,' said Denis O'Connor, speaking about the release of Friday's half-time statement.

By Sunday, he was telling players that he could only guarantee one more week's wages but would clarify on a week-by-week basis.

He had arranged to meet players last night (Tuesday) and Thursday night to keep them informed.

Player Hugh Douglas is confident that the club could get into Europe, if they're given the chance.

He is appealing to fans to attend the forthcoming match against Cork City, possibly to be rescheduled to July 16.

'For the sake of the club and the players on the pitch,

'I'd really hope that everyone would come out in their droves and really support us against Cork,' said Douglas. 'Please come out and support us. We really need it.

'I want to stay and fight for the club until the end of the season,' he said. 'I want to finish this job and get into Europe.'

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