Sunday 21 April 2019

Transport interchange plans passed by council members

Works planned at station, Adelaide, Quinsboro and Florence roads

An artist's impression of the new interchange at Bray Dart Station.
An artist's impression of the new interchange at Bray Dart Station.

Mary Fogarty

Martin Deegan from Atkins and Margaret Hartnett from Wicklow County Council presented details of the planned transport interchange in Bray to elected members at last week's meeting.

The members agreed to accept the part eight proposal to regenerate the existing forecourt at Bray Dart Station.

The works will incorporate sections of Quinsboro Road, Adelaide Road and Florence Raod, with works to the footpaths, installation of parking, set down, and cycle areas

In a submission during the public consultation process, the bus company Go Ahead had said that Station Road should be for buses only.

The response was that the scheme must facilitate multi-modal interchange. Taxis are a relevant and important transport option, the engineers said. Drop-offs and pick ups by private cars will take place in-lane. This will be self-regulated by the frequent bus movements along Station Road.

Go Ahead had also said there was not enough capacity for buses, so further layover and set down spaces were provided.

Dublin Bus had concerns that the proposals will not cater for the increase in activity associated with the Bus Connects initiatives.

Planners said that the scheme has been future proofed to facilitate Bus Connects. This includes the provision of additional bus layover facilities at other locations not currently included within the part eight scheme.

Businesses Capri Takeaway and Lite Hair Studio objected as parking spaces adjacent to their businesses will be removed.

Glenveagh Properties, who plan to develop an adjacent site, asked for the removal of pedestrian access through their site, which was done.

The scheme will include real-time information boards outside the station.

Cllr Pat Vance asked about an electric pole on the corner of Station Road and Adelaide Road. He said that he has been saying for years it is dangerous as it blocks visibility for motorists at that corner.

Mr Deegan said that it will be dealt with within the detailed design process.

Cllr John Ryan said that the plan, while welcome as an improvement to the area, was not quite as he had envisaged. He said that he expected more. He also said he didn't feel there was enough space for buses in the plan.

Members asked if an exit/entrance to the Irish Rail car park could be provided on Albert Avenue. With a two-metre drop on that side, Mr Deegan said that access would require too long a ramp to be feasible.

Cathaoirleach Cllr Pat Vance said that he has similar views to Cllr Ryan. 'It is a mess, almost anything would improve that area,' said Cllr Ryan. 'I regard this as the first phase of a development.'

He said that the Irish Rail car park beside the site in question should be multi-story.

The scheme includes a disabled parking bay close to the station, and all of the forecourt and surrounding areas will be made mobility friendly, with smooth transitions.

Cllr John Ryan was concerned that there is just one lane for set-down and pick-up. 'Once one car stops the whole thing snarls up,' he said.

Mr Deegan said that with this type of system people tend to move along quickly.

'I'll agree to it but I don't think it will work,' said Cllr Ryan. 'I think that this will come back to the members to be widened.'

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