Sunday 21 January 2018

Toddler injured by stray horse

June 1997

Residents of a Wicklow Town housing estate are bracing themselves for a backlash following local confrontations over stray animals.

The latest incident, which resulted in a toddler suffering a compound fracture of the skull after being kicked by a stray horse, has brought tension on the Ballyguile estate to boiling point.

Local residents say they will be forced to do something if the council doesn't react immediately.

One resident said his children and many others on the 110-house estate were living in fear of roaming horses and dogs. Despite contacting the local Urban Council on the matter, the man said nothing had been done. 'They simply say their hands are tied. They have the power to round up the animals but are not doing so. As far as residents in the estate are concerned, we have been forgotten about.'

Bray People

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