Tuesday 18 June 2019

Toby the dog is rescued by Coast Guard after cliff fall

Toby the Collie had a bit of an adventure last Saturday afternoon, when he fell over a wall on the cliff walk.

Greystones Coast Guard was tasked to recover the dog, who could not get back up himself.

A cliff rescue abseiled down the side of the slope to the dog, and recovered Toby, who started wagging his tail as soon as the rescuer reached him. Irish Rail had stopped trains and de-energised the lines below so that the Coast Guard could operate safely.

Toby's dog sitter was very relieved to have his pal back by his side, and the dog's owner was also very grateful for the happy ending.

Coast Guard personnel said that Toby's dog sitter did the right thing by alerting the authorities, rather than risking his own life trying to recover the dog without the necessary equipment.

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