Thursday 19 September 2019

Thrift shop reprieve in water bill dispute

Kilcoole Thrift Shop has made agreement with Irish Water, after they insisted they would not be paying a bill of almost €2,000.

A spokeswoman for the shop said that a new meter has been installed and new bills will be issued.

The shop, which raises money for local charities, got the bill following a leak outside of the premises. The board of trustees disputed the bill and said that they would not be paying as any money they have has already been promised to charities.

Valerie McGlynn of Kilcoole thrift shop said last week that it was last October when they noticed water gushing from a manhole 10 metres from the shop entrance and reported it to Irish Water.

The council repaired the leak in the following days.

The usual water bill for Kilcoole Thrift Shop is around €75, but they soon received on for €1,080 and another for €908. A plumber informed shop personnel that the meter had not been measuring the water, and the bills had been estimated.

After several months of attempting to negotiate with Irish Water, the situation has been resolved for now, pending the arrival of the shop's next bill.

Kilcoole Thrift Shop has raised over €200,000 for charities since opening in 2010. Recipients have included Five Loaves, Animal Rescue and primary and secondary schools throughout the area, as well as a donation for tarmacadam works at the parish hall

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