Wednesday 21 March 2018

Thousands leaving north Wicklow to work every day

Thousands of commuters travel from north Wicklow every day to go to work elsewhere.

A recently published census report presents information on the commuting patterns of the population.

In 2016 there were 6,292 people in Bray who commuted to Dublin City and the suburbs, which equates to 45.5 per cent of people at work at living in Bray. Of these commuters, 3,162 are women and 3,130 are men. The average journey time from Bray to Dublin was 41 minutes and the average age of the commuters was 41.

There were 3,791 people in Greystones and Delgany commuting to Dublin, which equates to 48.4 per cent of people at work who live in that area. Some 1,755 of those commuters are women and 2,036 are men. The average commute from Greystones-Delgany to Dublin was 50 minutes and the commuters' average age was 42.

There were 704 people commuting from Kilcoole to Dublin last year - 38.2 per cent of the working population - with 337 of these women and 367 men. Their average journey was 51 minutes and their average age was 40.

There were 356 commuters from Enniskerry to Dublin last year, according to the census, or 48.2 per cent of workers living in Enniskerry. Of these, 164 were women and 192 men. Their average journey was 39 minutes and their average age was 44.

The report also dealt with flow in general, not just towards Dublin. There were 1,758 commuting elsewhere from the east of Bray, and 2,376 travelling to that electoral area for work.

In west Bray, 2,004 were leaving to work elsewhere, and 865 travelling there to work.

In 2016 there were 4,234 commuters who lived in the Electoral Division of Kilmacanogue but worked elsewhere. There were 3,503 commuters who traveled in to this electoral division to work. This resulted in a net flow of -731 commuters.

There were 723 commuters who lived in Enniskerry but worked elsewhere and 480 people who commuted in to this electoral division to work. This resulted in a net flow of -243 commuters.

There were 1,827 commuters who lived in Delgany but worked elsewhere, while 383 commuters travelled in to the are to work. This resulted in a net flow of -1,444 commuters.

Greystones and its surrounds had 2,023 commuters working elsewhere while 1,216 people travelled there to work, resulting in a net flow of -807 commuters.

In Kilcoole, 3,570 commuters worked elsewhere, with 955 travelling to the area. The flow was -2,615 commuters.

The census asked how many people cycled to work in a different area.

In Shankill-Shanganagh there were 62 going out, and 25 travelling into the area. In Bray east there were 18 commuting to work by bike outside the area, and seven travelling in. In the west of Bray there were 48 people commuting out of the district by bike, and 17 cycling in. Sixty-six people living in Kilmacanogue were commuting by bike to their place of work outside the area while 53 were commuting in by bike. In Delgany, 16 were cycling out and two in, and in Greystones 17 out and 23 in. In Enniskerry, 13 commuted out and five in by bicycle.

In the entire north of the county, it was found that 10 people were commuting to Northern Ireland for work or study.

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