Monday 15 July 2019

Thieves steal defibrillator pads

Defibrillator pads were stolen from units in Greystones in recent weeks, and a fundraising campaign is under way to replace them.

In the cabinets around the town there are two sets of pads, used along with the equipment to use if someone is having a cardiac arrest.

Someone stole a set of pads from one of the cabinets, Greystones CFR replaced them, and that second set was stolen shortly afterwards.

'We always put two sets with each defibrillator,' said Margaret Duggan of Greystones CFR. She said they don't know exactly which day they were taken, but it was in the early hour the morning they believe. 'They were there one Friday and gone the next,' she said.

Margaret said that it is most disappointing that someone stooped so low. 'It's a whole new low really,' she said. 'It could be the difference between life and death.'

She said that the sets cost up to €150 each to replace and there is a gofundme page available for anyone who wishes to make a donation.

'We are all volunteers,' said Margaret. 'We usually just have two major fundraisers a year, a table quiz in March and a bag pack in September. We're not out shaking buckets the whole time. We really could have done without having to raise more money. Any money we do raise goes straight back into the community.'

She said that the community support has been wonderful since the thefts. 'Every little helps, so even if someone wants to donate just a Euro on the gofundme page that would be great,' she said. 'People are very generous.

So far they have raised around €300 towards the equipment. There are 12 defibrillators in the Greystones area, with another to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

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