Monday 20 November 2017

The last ones to show, the last ones to go...

People queue for Garth Brooks at the Bridgewater centre, Arklow
People queue for Garth Brooks at the Bridgewater centre, Arklow

If Tomorrow Never Comes, crooner Garth Brooks will surely know how much everyone in Wicklow loves him after dedicated fans again braved the freezing cold and rain last week to queue overnight for tickets.

The queue at County Wicklow's only Ticketmaster outlet – at the Bridgewater Shopping Centre in Arklow – began to form at 9.15 a.m. last Wednesday, some 24 hours before tickets were due to go on sale.

Top of the queue was Bridget Cullen, who had travelled from Kiltealy in County Wexford, while Arklow's own Betsy Murphy and daugther Samantha arrived there a short time later and the trio quickly bonded over their love of Garth Brooks and their dislike of the freezing cold conditions.

Bridget said that queueing by herself at first was the worst.

'Until Betsy came along every minute was like an hour but when she arrived time started to pass quickly. We have been laughing and joking all day.'

Most of the others who came along during the day had made the decision to queue after they missed out online

on tickets for the first three concerts. Bridget said she had had a number of computers on the go the previous Thursday in the search for tickets but had been unsuccessful.

'The minute I heard there was another concert I decided to queue', said Bridget. 'There was no way I was going to miss out again. There's been a great atmosphere here and everyone is looking out for each other.'

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