Thursday 18 July 2019

The crowd roars for Katie as she comes home to celebrate her victory

Katie on Bray bandstand with the crowd cheering her
Katie on Bray bandstand with the crowd cheering her

Mary Fogarty

Katie Taylor told Des Cahill last Friday evening that 'the best is yet to come'.

Her focus when in the states is 'pretty much training and resting', the world boxing champion told her fans as she received a huge welcome in Bray at her homecoming celebration. 'The love and support I have here in this country is incredible,' said Katie.

Des mentioned that her fans here might worry about her, given the physicality of her sport. 'I am well able for the tough fights, I love the tough fights,' she said. 'Being in the trenches and turning up in theirs. I know people do have nervous breakdowns watching, but I do love those kind of fights.

'To fight in Madison Square Garden, the Mecca of boxing for undisputed titles, it was absolute dream,' she said.

'I didn't really realise how different the amateur was to the pro until I turned pro, it has been a great challenge for me. I came from the bottom of my career at the Rio Olympics to the pinnacle of the sport now. I just kept going and never gave up and I'm going from strength to strength. It's amazing to be in this position,' she said.

Having achieved everything, amateur and pro, Des wondered if Katie had any intention of stopping. 'No, definitely not,' she said. 'I still have 10 more years left in me.'

Katie was joined on-stage by her mum Bridget, her siblings, and extended family, including her niece Madeleine, who told the crowd that she does sometimes get nervous when watching her auntie Katie fight. 'Sometimes when I get nervous I just go into my room and hide, and then hope that something good's going to happen!'

'I believe that Katie Taylor is the greatest sports person of all time,' her manager Brian Peters told a rapturous audience, who expressed their agreement with massive cheers.

It was a night to party, despite the rain, and there was music for the masses on the bandstand, with the Camembert Quartet.

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