Thursday 14 December 2017

Taking the plunge this Christmas

FOR THOSE dipping their toe (not to mention everything else) into icy waters this holiday season there are a few tips to help make the festive swim a little easier.

In preparation, wear layers of clothing for the hours before to help raise your body temperature;

Drink some warm water with some sugar about an hour beforehand;

Bring a towel/flip flops to stand on while you are waiting, keep your feet off the wet sand and cold rocks;

Only take off your clothes at the very last minute; Get in; Get out; Once out of the water, get dressed from the head down; put on a hat first and get your feet on something dry, away from the wet sand;

Please remember to bring hats and gloves with you;

Jog up and down the beach to warm back up;

Hot drink (preferably with a bit of a kick in it â?“ warms to the bone).

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