Saturday 25 November 2017

Suffering from severe loo shortage in Harbour

Public Toilets locked at Greystones Harbour
Public Toilets locked at Greystones Harbour

The lack of public toilets around Greystones Harbour is 'appalling'.

Speaking at last week's meeting of Greystones Municipal District, Cllr. Grainne McLouglin said 'Wicklow County Council needs to revisit the appalling lack of toilet facilities at the harbour and provide facilities for the public as a matter of urgency'.

'I've been down at the harbour a lot over the past few weeks and we can't go through this whole summer with no toilet facilities. This is a priority.'

Cllr. Derek Mitchell lent his support, saying that business owners in the area were also being discommoded as people were using their premises to simply use the bathroom and they had to pay extra water rates as a result.

Cllr. McLoughlin said that when the harbour was being developed it didn't include a provision for public toilets because there was toilets there. She said the closed block of toilets needs to be refurbished and reopened or new facilities installed.

Cllr. Nicola Lawless saying public toilets were badly needed in the area.

Meetings administrator Myra Porter said that the previous toilet block had been subject to vandalism and had to be closed; that it would need 'substantial investment to bring it up to standard and there's also the issue of overtime for opening and closing them at the weekend. There was previous issues with anti social behaviour too.'

She said some councils were using automatic toilets but Wicklow had a policy of not using them. She said while they were efficient and clean they were very costly.

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