Sunday 16 December 2018

Students from a number of schools take part in 'Let's Talk' project

Tony Daly, Brandon King, Dom Ofner, Moreblessing Chigwedere and Josh Downes.
Tony Daly, Brandon King, Dom Ofner, Moreblessing Chigwedere and Josh Downes.

Students from Woodbrook College, Presentation College and Loreto Secondary School took part in a talk recently with Dom Ofner at Loreto for 'Let's Talk', a project involving young people in the work of peace and reconciliation in Ireland and beyond.

Tony Daly from '80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World', and Dom Offner from the Edmund Rice Centre in Sydney facilitated.

Let's Talk is an educational project which aims to give young people a chance to discuss and take action on issues of conflict, peace, reconciliation, climate change, sustainable development and justice in Ireland and beyond. As an active citizenship project, Let's Talk is stimulated by engagement with local needs, ideas and issues through a series of public 'awareness, information and public judgement' exercises delivered by young people and inviting engagement by local stakeholders in the community. The project involves students and teachers from schools in Woodbrook College, Presentation College Bray and Loreto Bray, as well as other interested stakeholders such as the National Youth Council of Ireland (for now!), led by Bray-based non-governmental organisation, 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World.

Let's Talk has been active since 80:20 was established and has supported young people to debate, discuss and mix issues across borders, towns and countries including Birmingham, Belfast, Broome, Blanchardstown, Bray, Goodooga and Lusaka, among many more. To date the project has involved over 3000 young people from a variety of locations - throughout Northern Ireland and the Republic, England, Scotland, Australia, Rwanda and the Middle East.

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