Monday 17 June 2019

Strategy will help to progress greenways

Strategy is 'positive news' for Wicklow and Blessington projects

Blessington Greenway
Blessington Greenway

Myles Buchanan

The newly-launched Greenway Strategy could have great benefits for greenways around the Garden County.

The strategy aims to increase the number, length and regional spread of off-road walking and cycling tracks across the country. The long-term plan will provide funds of up to €53 million between 2019 and 2021.

Minister of State Andrew Doyle firmly believes that Wicklow can be one of the leading lights when it comes to the provision of greenways.

'The launch of the Greenway Strategy is hugely positive news for the future of greenways here in Wicklow,' said Minister Doyle. 'We currently have stage one of the Blessington Greenway, which is a 6km walking trail around Blessington Lakes, with future plans to expand this route to include a total of 43km of walking and bike trails around the lakes. The Blessington Greenway has been a great success and the planned expansion offers great tourism and economic benefits to the entire west Wicklow area. In more recent months, we have seen the development of the Wicklow Greenway Group, who plan to create a walking and cycling route from Wicklow to Greystones, offering huge tourism potential to towns and villages along the route and surrounding areas'.

Wicklow's natural beauty, combined with the fact that more and more people are becoming conscious of their health, puts Wicklow in an ideal position to enhance its greenways further.

'Wicklow is known worldwide for its unique beauty and offers tourists exceptional experiences of scenic views of mountains, lakes and our coastal waters. The potential benefits of both the Blessington Greenway and the Wicklow Greenway, in terms of tourism, the local economy and also job creation, is enormous,' said Minister Doyle.

'With both greenways in Wicklow currently at different stages, the strategy will provide guidance for the future development of Wicklow's Greenways,' he said.

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