Monday 22 January 2018

Songwriter Alan pens Johnny Logan's latest hit 'Prayin'

Local man Alan Earls has penned the latest song to be a hit for legendary singer Johnny Logan.

Johnny picked Alan's song Prayin' to be his number in the RTE One competition The Hit.

Logan was up against Duke Special in the real world of the charts, and it was Prayin' which climbed further up the charts last week.

It sailed all the way to number three, two places ahead of competitor '1969' which was penned by Limerick's Aaron Hackett.

'For a person who has been around as long as I have, this is incredible. I feel like the singer Bill Nighy plays in the film Love Actually, the guy who tops the charts by accident,' said Johnny, following his success.

'Although in this case, I see it as proof that if you put the right song with the right singer, people of all ages will buy it.'

Alan wrote the song after the death of his father Brian. The song struck a chord with Logan, who lost his own father 10 years ago.

Alan, who lives with his Bray wife Allison in their Charlesland home, has been a keen musician for many years. He also works nearby in Dell.

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