Sunday 21 January 2018

Solicitor Doyle says he would throw his hat into the ring again

James Doyle
James Doyle

FIRST time candidate James Doyle was pleased with his vote hanging on until the seventh count.

The 31-year-old solicitor was one of three first time candidates for Fianna Fail in the Greystones Electoral Area – a move which, although risky, provided dividends, although not for James.

'I was pleased with my vote', he said. 'We ran three strong candidates and I got the second highest preference of the three of us. I've put a lot of work in for the last few months.

'I've been involved with Fianna Fail since 2001 when I was in UCD. I've always wanted to stand and like a lot of people I was very disillusioned in the late 2000s. I lost my job in 2008 and I realised then that my own party in Government could be doing a better job. So I decided I could sit back and complain about it or I could do something about it. I was glad when I got through the selection process and the party was glad to have me.'

He said that being a Fianna Fáil member had brought some hardship on the doors but found people were willing to listen.

'Obviously running as a Fianna Fáil candidate brought with it some negativity but I was very encouraged on the doors.'

So encouraged he said he would be willing to throw his hat into the ring again if necessary. 'I would go again. I'm even more fortified from this campaign. People have a lot of issues.'

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